How I Work (from home): Brigitte Daniel on Instagram DJ parties and the digital divide


During the early days of the shutdowns, I was interviewed by Technically Media for an article titled: “How I Work: Brigitte Daniel on DJ Instagram parties and the digital divide.”

Between Wilco being deemed essential, continuing going to the office, tending to the health and legacy of elders as well as creating a makeshift Montessori school at casa la Corbin, whew 2020.

But we got through it. Those first few months. Thankfully. Blessedly.

So as we are preparing to go “green” and adjusting to the reopenings of cities and states, especially during this big summer holiday week, let us not forget from where we just came. And let us stay vigilant for our health, livelihoods, and justice.

Per the digital divide, my quick thought…”In 2020, the world is proving again that the internet is not a luxury, but a utility to be and stay alive, well and connected. It’s more than even a civil right. The internet, or the lack thereof, is life.”

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