SIA: Women in Security Forum Q&A With Brigitte Daniel Corbin of Wilco

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It has been a week…but very inspired and honored by the Security Industry Association (SIA) Women In Security Forum for profiling Wilco and how we plan to continue our security and access control legacy, under my leadership.

I have been profiled for years about cable, digital divide, and diversity and inclusion in tech and innovation. But being recognized by an industry leading association for Wilco’s new lines of security business solutions, especially during these unprecedented times, is a personal and professional accomplishment.

From the interview, in response to a question about my passion for gender and cultural diversity in the tech industry:

Leveling the playing field is important to me because without a level playing field, women and minority professionals absolutely will not have the same opportunities to participate in or build and own successful businesses, especially in security technology, which has historically been very relationship driven. But this is a belief that I learned early on. As the daughter of an African American cable and security company owner, I have an understanding of the importance of representation and diversity in my DNA. It remains imperative that as we continue to build Wilco, we also continue to employ a diverse workforce, support education and job development of our team and staff,and uphold our social mission to create connectivity and access within underserved and urban markets. This is not a passion but an inherent mandate.

On integrating communities within our industry:

We are now in an era where business and residential communities are radically rethinking how best to meet the needs and safety of spaces where we live, work and play. And more than ever before, access control and the integration of new data-driven security platforms that connect services in a seamless, intuitive and user-friendly way are pivotal. So for Wilco, integration comprises our technicians who are on the ground, in the home and in the walls and who ultimately work with management and residents onsite. We make sure the integration is the intimate connection of all the pieces of a smart access ecosystem that starts with people, connecting to devices, connecting to products, connecting to software, ultimately connecting back to the people.

Read the whole interview here.

It takes a village to lift a vision! It’s a movement.