Why does my TV have a snowy picture?
Make sure T.V is on Channel 4, check connection from Digital Box to TV.

Why are some of my channels in other languages?
Go into menu on your T.V set and turn off the S.A.P.

My TV has...One moment Please...listed on the screen.
What do I do to fix this?

First, reboot your digital box by unplugging the Digital Box from the socket for approximately about 5 minutes.  Then plug the power cord back in the wall socket.  Next, turn your Digital box and T.V set on.  After all of these steps are done your channels should come back on.  If not, please call Wilco customer service for further assistance. We can be reached at 215.540.3930.

I have a blue screen on my T.V ?  What do I do to fix this?
Check to see if any input devices are on.  An input device is a DVD player, VCR, or any video games.  If any of these devices are on, please turn all devices off, then check if the cable box is back on.  If not, you may have your T.V on video mode. You can change the T.V off of video mode by pressing the video button or input button on control or your T.V set. If the blue screen is still on, please call Wilco customer service for further assistance.

What if I see cross streaks on my TV?
This problem is usually caused by electrical interference.  This can be from power poles, car ignitions, atmospheric conditions or appliances.

What if there is snow, sound, and picture distortion?

Double Check if your set is tuned to the proper channel.

I am not able to receive all channels.  What should I do?
Try to program missing channels into your TV by following the instructions that came with your set. Some older cable-ready sets are not able to pick up the full range of channels we offer.  You may need to install a digital cable box.

I see double images or ghosting on my TV. What should I do?
Be sure all connectors are tight on the TV, VCR, cable box, or video game.  Never use a wrench to tighten a connector on your equipment.  It could cause severe damage to your TV, VCR, or video game.

Why won't my remote control respond when I press a key?
It could be because the remote is not operating in cable mode.  Press CABLE and try to change channels.  If nothing happens, take the batteries out, put them back in, and try again.  If the remote still doesn't work, press the up and down button on the front of the cable box.  If the channel changes, then most likely you have a faulty remote.  The batteries, or the remote itself, may need to be replaced.

How easy is it to hook up my stereo to my Digital Cable?
Very easy.  In fact, we'll be glad to do it for you. Once your Wilco Digital Cable is hooked up to your stereo, you will really begin to enjoy the full range of your home entertainment experience.  Not only can you listen to music channels without having your television on, but watching movies can be like having a theater in your home.

I set my VCR timer to tape a program and it didn't work. Why?
Check to see if your television and VCR are on channel 3 or 4.  Also, be sure the Wilco digital or analog cable box is tuned to the channel you wish to record. If you want to tape a locked channel, you must clear all lock options to allow the cable box to tune to and display that channel.

Picture Problems you can correct yourself?


When channels roll and the problem can't be corrected with vertical hold, call your TV Repair Service.

Dark Picture
Slowly adjust either brightness or contrast control on TV.  If that doesn't work, call Wilco for service matter.

Shrinking Vertically
Double check your TV manual. It will tell you the proper adjustments.  If the adjustment can’t be made, our TV Repair Service should be called.

Shrinking Horizontally
This problem is sometimes caused by electrical power brownouts.  If not, check your TV manual.  Finally call your TV Repair Service.

Picture Problems you can not correct yourself?

Double Channels

This problem could be signal overlap. Call Wilco for service.

Windshield Wiper Effect
Vertical or horizontal bar that moves across the screen. Call Wilco for service.

Black Screen
Check for supplied plug or loose connections. In the event the problem is not corrected, call Wilco for service.

Theft of Cable Service
The Cable Communications Act of 1984 declared unauthorized reception of cable service a federal offense. More recently, the Cable Act of 1992 clarified the government's stance on cable theft, stating, no person shall intercept or receive or assist in intercepting or receiving any communications service offered over a cable system, unless specifically authorized to do so by a cable operator or as may otherwise be specifically authorized by law. In addition, punishment of offenders has become more harsh. Now, penalties for any person who willfully violates this law are fines of up to $1,000 and/or imprisonment for up to six months.

We are Wilco share the federal government's serious view of cable theft, and we're working to control this problem for the good of our customers, our community, and our organization. 

We ask for your assistance in detecting offenders of this law. If you know or suspect someone is violating this law, please contact our Customer Service department and let us know. Call 215.540.3930. 
It's simply the right thing to do.